$50 DIY vs $450 PRO Acoustical Panels (Worth It?) - Echo & Sound Proofing

part1, - Hey, what's up? It's Pat here. We're in the brand new studio. Building. it out, and we're, trying to reduce the echo in the room. Now, have you. ever seen these little egg crate, sort, of, foam acoustical panels? They're really thin. They're. flimsy. They pack really nicely. But, do they actually work?, How do they stack up. against higher-end, more premium acoustic panels solutions? Well, we're gonna find out in, this video. right now.. We're, gonna go onto Amazon and show you where we picked up 48 of these. bad boys for about, $49.99.. They gave us some professional panels. We'll describe those in just a minute,, but we're. gonna have the same surface area. The same. surface area, that we have, we also got hooked up, by Audimute. And here's what they look like. And now it's in another bag, of sorts. Let's open it up, and see.. Okay, lets open this, one. Oof. (thud) Okay.. (paper crinkling) Okay, we got 48 in here, and 24 in here. (peeling tape backing), Okay, so. let's, uh, you can see them, sort of, stacked here, like that, and they're sort. of- you know, the- the teeth, are sort of against each other, to, save even. more space, so let's just undo these (mellow music) Here are 24 of them. And then we'll put. them up on the, walls, and it will be easy to stick 'em and see. if they actually help out or not., (whistling, "I've Been Workin' On the Railroad") (tape. rip) Life of an entrepreneur, right here. Just let me. put, one of these down. Ugh, it stinks! Ugh. Actually,, the smell's growing on me. So, here we go.. So there we go keep up I hear it. We want to see if it works I want it works a little bit, but, I'm not sure if it's going to work, because it's not a lot of space, and I don't know if I'm going to be able to get my cord in the way. And,. uh,, so this will take some time, for it to. wait for now, I guess. - One hour later. Apparently there. are 48 of those things here. And they're about the same size as our professional ones that we got from. our professional acoustics company. And we're going to put the same number of panels on. the, wall, to cover the same amount of area, and just see. Just, hold on a sec. Is there a. difference? So, first of, all, we'll do, some other stuff while we're waitin'. And we'll come back when. they're ready, and then, we's gonna actually, set 'em up in the. room. (Tape rip). - All right, so now that we've let these, sit for a while, they've. expanded. They've. grown a little. And it's about the right size. And. we're just going to stick them. onto, here, in a four-inch package. They'll be. be. You know, and stick them on the wall, and. we'll just have to. see. (nervous laugh) Whoa! Like that Food Saver. commercial. Just like that. (plastic crinkles) (thunk) (taper rip) So, let's see if there's a difference there. We can see the difference here. There's a little difference here if we want it to work a little better, but we can't see it yet, because we don't have the space to put them up. So we're putting them. on, cardboard, that's the same shape as our pro panels. And cardboard is about,. so, this is 12 by 12. We are gonna put them, on the cardboard, and put 'em on the walls. We're gonna put, them on, the wall we're making you, here in the studio, and that's what we're doing right now, so there we'll see if they work or not. (taping tape) We're gonna put the tape on the back to create a little double sided stickiness. (sticking tape) (stick tape rip)